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Portable Site Office Cabins

Following all the effective & latest production methodologies we manufacture and supply Portable Site Office Cabins to our customer’s as per the specific needs.

  • Base: 125 mm x 65 mm bean cross member of 100 mm x 50 mm beam with 50 mm x 50 mm angle mounted with 18 mm marine ply and vinyl flooring
  • Roof: Top outer curved type M.S.1.2 mm (18 swg) plain sheet welded with M.S structure top inner decorated with 9 mm, MDF board
  • Cage Structure & Wall Panel: MS Frame work with square pipe & wall thickness 50 mm
  • Exterior Wall: M.S 1.2 mm banded sheet welded on M.S Frame
  • Internal Wall: Decorated with 9 mm MDF board
  • Isolation: All void within the external wall, inner wall & roof are filled with R.B glass Wool of 50 mm thick passes & rare combination of lower thermal conductivity & high resistance moisture & heat
  • Door: Frame work of 50 mm x 30 mm square pipe external wall by M.S sheet & inner wall decorated with 9 mm. MDF board & suitable locking system.
  • Window: Window shelf be of Aluminum block, powder coated double shutter sliding type with dark coat glass & Venetian blind covered by grill from the outside
  • Paint: All components are washed thoroughly with epoxy thinner, joints filed with carnage and then painted with epoxy red oxide both outside inside & then painted with two coats of epoxy paint
  • Air Conditioning: Provision for split or window A/C is provided as per the requirement
  • Electrical: All electric wiring will be concealed with modular switches & socket, fans, tube lights & bulk head light above the door will be provided

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Portable Site Office Cabins

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